Our History

In 1926, a group of well-respected physicians and musicians formed what became known as the Akron Doctor's Orchestra so they could share their musical talent with the community. Since that time, musicians from all walks of life have joined the group, diversifying its membership. To reflect that diversity, in 1986 the Orchestra's name was changed to the Akron 'POPS' Orchestra - a name which is well-respected throughout the Greater Akron area.


Our Music

The Akron 'POPS' is comprised of instrumentalists typically found in a symphony orchestra. However, rather than being a classical group, the Orchestra performs a wide repertoire of music, including Broadway show tunes, operettas, marches, popular and time-honored songs, light classical pieces, and movie themes.


Our Venues

The Akron 'POPS' Orchestra performs at many locations, including:

Please contact the Akron 'POPS' at (330) 203-1926 to see if we can play at your location.


Our Musicians

Our group is comprised of 40-50 dedicated musicians representing varying levels of musical expertise. Each member VOLUNTEERS his or her talent, time, and resources to play with the 'Pops'. Our reward is seeing a smile or a joyful tear on the face of an audience member, or receiving a hug and a "thank you" from a grateful listener.

We welcome any musician who would like to share the gift of music with the community. Whether professionally experienced or newly trained, your musical talent is needed, and we invite you to play with us. Most rehearsals and performances are held on Thursday evenings. Auditions are not required.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer musician, contact us at (330) 203-1926 or email us at audition@akronpops.org.


Contact Us

For more information about the Akron 'POPS' Orchestra, contact us at (330) 203-1926 or send e-mail to contact@akronpops.org