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Uniting our community through music. Find us in your neighborhood and attend free community concerts.

The Akron Pops is a proud supporter of the Akron community through outreach concerts and scholarship programs. The orchestra is dedicated to bringing the joy of music to all residents, regardless of age or background. Through their outreach concerts, they perform in local schools, retirement homes, and community centers, spreading the beauty of orchestral music to diverse audiences. Additionally, the orchestra offers scholarships to talented young musicians who may not have the financial means to pursue their musical studies. These scholarships provide opportunities for students to receive high-quality music education and develop their artistic skills. The Akron Pops is passionate about fostering a love for music in the community and nurturing the next generation of musicians through their outreach and scholarship programs.


The Akron Pops Orchestra Scholarship Program

We appreciate your interest in The Akron Pops Orchestra Scholarship Program! Please check back on this page for future updates and announcements on the scholarship details. We hope to see you at The Pops! 

-The Akron Pops Board of Directors

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